The Owner's Choice Program

Our program is ideal for timeshare owners. As a matter of fact, it was designed from the ground up for you. When timeshare owners purchase our membership we have dedicated programs to exit you from your current ownership, sell your ownership, provide rental income for the time you’re not using, or enhance your vacation travel with a huge boost from our membership. Did we mention all these services are free with the purchase of our membership?

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Enhance Your Family's Travel


Monetize Your Ownership


Exit Your Ownership


Enhance Your Ownership

We make your travels better with Wyndham, Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations and more. And the best part is you pay for only what you use.



Monetize Your Ownership

For over 10 years, we have helped turn unused weeks or points into rental income for our owners. Over 13 Million Dollars paid to our owners since 2010


Exit Your Ownership

Whether its a simple transfer to one of our thousands of rental guests or a more complicated deed-back to the developer, we can help every step of the way.

What are the 3 key benefits to you?

One - We enhance your family's vacation travel

When you have our membership, using the travel benefits are often accessible below owner maintenance cost. Not only can they be cheaper than paying your own maintenance, but we offer Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, and a wide variety of random availability from Disney to Sheraton. That means better availability and cheaper rates. Become a Vacation Strategy member and give yourself peace of mind knowing you finally have the last upgrade to your ownership you’ll ever need.

Two - We monetize your vacation ownership with rental income

Vacation Strategy is the largest and longest running Wyndham points manager operating today. We have been helping owners turn their unused points into cash for 10 years. Our program is simple to understand, requires no effort from owners, and is the industry model for payout structure. With the purchase of a Vacation Strategy membership our rental program is free to use for life. Just decide how many points you’d like to turn in, sit back, relax, and collect checks from your mailbox every few weeks.

Three - We assist with your timeshare exit when you are ready

Timeshare owners are often at different points in their life. Some of our owners love the idea of our membership for the flexibility and cost savings our membership access gives them. Those owners often want to quickly get rid of their timeshare obligation and move on to our membership. The money they spent is less important than the next stage of their life. For others the idea of getting rid of their Timeshare without some sort of monetary compensation is a difficult pill to swallow. We are here to help with the sale side as well. Our listing programs are free with a membership purchase and the actual sale is a commission free event passing all the income to you the owner. Listings on our site are viewed by renters, other owners, and folks looking for their first timeshare purchase. We will leave the listing up on our site until it sells. While listing we will advise you on market pricing but the ultimate decision of what to sell for is yours. We even build the listing for you.

What makes the Vacation Strategy Owner's Choice program different from the competition?

The problem with most “exit” companies is that they are all selling the same process for wildly different prices. “Exiting” a timeshare is a series of contacts (phone, email, letters, etc) performed by an advisor or attorney advocating for their client with the aim of convincing the timeshare company to release the client from their contract. Technically anyone can do this. Some companies charge $500 and some $25,000. The process never changes, just the cost. With our program you can exit safely and have our membership to fill the gap. Our highly experienced staff will guide you to the best possible exit program available to you.

Sometimes it’s the same process as outlined previously. Other times your respective brand or state has official programs and laws designed to help with exiting. With our longtime industry experience, we know the good guys and bad guys, as well as the programs that work and do not. We will get rid of your obligation while giving you a membership that gives you all the benefits of ownership and none of the downsides. If we successfully get rid of your timeshare there are no additional fees. Everything is covered with membership. No hidden fees, ever. Join thousands of savvy travelers who want access... not the headaches of ownership."

Why our membership is the perfect solution for you and your family

When you bought your timeshare, you wanted access to the very best resort accommodations for your family at the very best value for your money, but... you may have made a  financial mistake  costing you tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars and locking you into never-ending maintenance fees whether you use it or not. All the while limiting the brand, the resorts or the amount of time you could use.

Some of our owners purchased their timeshare ownership and are still enjoying it every year. For many owners this is the ideal situation to purchase our membership. The biggest cost a timeshare owner experiences throughout their ownership is the upfront purchase. Maintenance fees are usually somewhat less than renting hotels or resorts as a non-owner. Fortunately, as we move through life we generally desire to travel more and get more vacation time from work. Unfortunately, timeshare companies won’t just allow you to take more travel time without purchasing more ownership. Many of our owners have spent $100,000 or more on additional timeshare ownership.

Vacation Strategy membership ends the need for additional purchases permanently. Imagine if you could use as much time as you wanted in your timeshare system and pay only for the maintenance you used. Use 4 weeks one year and 8 weeks the next, only paying when you use it. Now imagine if you could also have access to all 3 of the largest timeshare systems and when you use them you sometimes actually pay LESS than owners pay on average in maintenance. That is how our program works. No tricks, no gimmicks. Give your current ownership the ultimate upgrade. Unlimited time and lower costs, for life.

Most timeshare owners know the limitations and pitfalls of ownership all too well. You may have already figured out on your own that it's always better financially to rent from a timeshare owner than to actually be a timeshare owner, and that timeshares are great places to stay, but horrible things to own. Yet, if you don't own and prefer to rent, sifting through dozens of owners to find the one you "hope" you can trust, who might actually have what you need for the exact dates you need it, can be time-consuming and very frustrating. So you may end up booking with one of the travel giants and paying much more than you needed to.

What's the solution?  We have already found, curated and processed hundreds of very large owners with thousands of vacation weeks every year. We make these conveniently available to you on the Vacation Strategy website saving you time, lots of money, and frustration

Membership Rental Options

Vacation Strategy is one of the largest dedicated timeshare rental companies currently operating. We have 10 years of experience and have sold over $50,000,000 in timeshare inventory vacations. Our process allows you to utilize our service for 1 year or 10. As of this year we have owners that are still utilizing our rental services since the first year we offered the service. As a Vacation Strategy Member, you can utilize our services on any given year without obligation. You can rent all or a portion of your points. For most brands we offer a guaranteed minimum and a revenue share so our success is yours as well. Various ownership brands have slight differences in how the payouts work since the rules and structure differ from brand to brand.

When you are ready to exit your timeshare

We provide our custom 10 Step Process


A custom page detailing your exact ownership, photos & benefits

LISTING ON OUR web store

We have thousands of visitors and timeshare renters visiting our site. We put your listing in view


Our eBay store gets thousands of views from guests wanting to rent or buy timeshare

Pricing Guidance

Let us help determine whether your timeshare has any market value based on comps


Rental Guidance

Let's make sure we monetize any weeks or points in your account before selling

Screen & Pre-Qualify Buyers

Let us deal with the inquiries so we can sort the serious from the lookers

Negotiating with Resort

Our team can handle any negotiations with the resort on your behalf to start the process

Assistance with Title Transfer

We will assist with these documents to ensure an easy no-hassle closing for you


We will initiate and assist with the paperwork and process for a deed-back offer


In house Attorney drafted letters sent directly to the resort or developer

Earn $1,000 with our referral program

Satisfied owners are by far our best source of new members. We also understand there is no such thing as a free lunch. When you refer a new person that becomes a member with us, whether they’re an existing owner or just a traveler that would benefit from the travel membership, you’ll receive a referral bonus of $1,000 when they purchase. No strings or gimmicks. The $1,000 arrives as a physical check on your doorstep just like our rental payments. To get credit simply have your referral fill out the “Referrer” field on their contract. We even have owners that have turned our referral program into a mini business. Owners that travel are constantly meeting other owners with no shortage of complaints. Our membership solves many of those complaints. You can do as much work as you would like. Simply send them our page and see what happens, or actively promote our service yourself. The choice is yours.

See what a few of our happy owners say...

"When my husband and I were introduced to the Vacation Strategy points management program, we were unsure of the concept, so we contacted Umair at Vacation Strategy to explain the program to us, allowing Vacation Strategy to manage our points was definitely the right decision!” — Julie & Juan C.

Julie & Juan C - Client

We joined Vacation Strategy (VS) almost 5 years ago. Working with the team has been above our expectations. This definitely is not another “scam group” trying to get your money. They are extremely helpful in all aspects especially with making reservations. They have been able to get us fantastic discounts and upgrade whenever possible and we truly appreciate his expertise. I feel like a part of a team trying to make a business grow and be profitable.  We too were tired of high maintenance fees and not being able to travel as much because of my wife’s health. This program has offered another option for us and our next generation sons to travel and still afford the maintenance fees. Thank you Vacation Strategy. Keep up the GOOD work. Your team is very professional. Your the Best!! 

Dell & Sandy S - Client

Vacation Strategy has managed my points for me and they also provide me with the best possible vacations! Their staff is great and they always find answers for you and make things happen. We would recommend Vacation Strategy to anyone who would like to live a less stressful life and vacation at more places hassle free!” 

Stephen C - Client

This is a ‘no-brainer’. Because of my experience, I confidently recommend you to take advantage of the Vacation Strategy points management program. Say hello to more personal happy and memorable vacationing!” 

Bob M - Client

Membership Pricing Options

We realize one size does not fit all, so we have some very flexible payment plans to choose from. Our membership is quite a bargain when you consider just one week of vacation ownership could cost you well over $20,000 and lock you into annual maintenance fees of hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands of dollars per year whether you use your vacation week or not

1 Payment Option

1 Payment of $3,997

plus an annual renewal fee of $147

The entire payment will be charged today and there will be no subsequent  payments due on your signup fee. You are paid in full.

or 3 Payment Plan

3 Payments of $1,397

plus an annual renewal fee of $147

The first payment will be charged today and subsequent payments will be charged every 30 days until paid in full.

or 6 Payment Plan

6 Payments of $731

plus an annual renewal fee of $147

The first payment will be charged today and subsequent payments will be charged every 30 days until paid in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust your company?

 Vacation Strategy is the oldest Wyndham Points Management company currently operating with over 10 years in operation. We have served Wyndham owners in the rental market for a decade while giving consistent ethical advice to our owners. With our years of experience in evaluating the good and bad in our industry we decided to expand our expertise beyond just the thousands of past and current owners we’ve helped. In navigating rentals, exits, sales, and vetting options available to owners, we have intimate knowledge of what is and isn’t possible based on an owner’s situation.

What makes your program different?

The main thing that makes our program different is integrity. Our goal is not to sell you a specific service. When we look at your current ownership situation our goal is to provide the best possible outcome available to you. Your main desired outcome is not always possible, and we will not sell you a service under the guise that it is, knowing it is not. Based on a variety of factors ranging from loan balance, purchase date, length of ownership, age at time of purchase, sales tactics, and many others, some outcomes are likely and others are not. We will be honest in advising you and getting you the best possible outcome for your situation.

Do you guarantee results?

We guarantee you the best possible outcome available to you based on your current ownership situation. What we refuse to do is promise an outcome that may not be possible. Based on a variety of factors, renting, selling, or exiting may be more or less likely depending on those factors and your desired outcome. Our goal is to aid in getting you the desired outcome in the cheapest manner possible. If that outcome turns out to be impossible, we will attempt your next most desired outcome until we have exhausted all possibilities.

Why is your product priced at $3997?

If anything our membership is highly underpriced. Purchasing the highest levels of ownership within the brands we offer access to would cost $100,000 or more in EACH. We offer all the same access without any of the commitment and downsides. Secondarily, we offer our rental, exit, or sale listing services at no additional cost. Many of these services at other companies have initial prices ranging from $1,500 to $25,000. Our members can try any of these services free of charge at any point during the life of their membership with us. They are not guaranteed to work as every ownership situation has different limitations. However, our services are the same as other companies, so at the very least you’ll have peace of mind knowing what options are available without spending $10,000 to find out.

What if I don't need all the benefits you offer?

You never know when you may need any of the benefits we offer. Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for all the possible timeshare services you may need. During your first 5 years you may just want to travel more through our membership. Eventually you may want to exit or attempt to sell. Maybe you want the opposite and just want to exit now and use your travel capabilities down the road. You have peace of mind knowing you’re covered regardless of when you need a specific service.

How does your rental program work?

Our rental program like our other services is free to try. We operate on a revenue sharing agreement. You share in our success. Different ownership brands have slight differences in how the payouts work since the rules and structure differ from brand to brand. Rentals are transparent and payment is sent via check in the mail twice per month.

Why should I do this now?

After over a decade in the industry we believe now is the best time to evaluate your ownership situation. We refuse to take on more members than we can service attentively. With that in mind we are currently in a phase of taking on members. When those spots fill owners will have to voluntarily give up their space to create an opening for someone new. Our services are lifetime access and that must be balanced carefully. The economy is in an odd spot with timeshare companies being deeply affected. Now is the time to take steps toward your long-term ownership outcome goals.

How does your referral program work?

We believe that satisfied owners are the best source of new members. Beyond that, we believe people should be compensated for helping us fill our membership spaces. When you refer a new person that becomes a member with us, whether they’re an existing owner or just a traveler that would benefit from the travel membership, you’ll receive a referral bonus of $1,000.

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The Next Steps

Contact me by phone or ask me a question via email.  Feel free to book a 30 minute no-hassle consultation and let me see how we can assist you. From below you can also review and or sign our contract agreement at your convenience.

Phone Me

0212 123 45 67


Review or Sign Contract

Will Open New Window

Send Me a Message

VS Main Agreement

Vacation Strategy LLC


This agreement made  between Vacation Strategy, LLC. Hereafter referred to as “VSLLC” and owner noted below, hereafter referred to as “owner”. Whereas owner has excess points and VSLLC has rental clients, the two parties enter into an agreement as described in detail below. Owner agrees to provide and VSLLC agrees to rent up to the number of points indicated below for owner per use year at the agreed-upon price per thousand noted below.


  Owner's Full Name

Current Use Year Points

Next Use Year Points

Bonus Points to Use

Agreed Upon Price p/thousand

Use Year Start Date


Duties & Responsibilities

VSLLC will handle all details involved with the rentals, including but not limited to, advertising, receiving incoming calls and emails, checking availability, pricing, reservations, deposits, cancellations and re-bookings, billings, refunds, etc. Owner is not required to perform any of these duties. Owner will simply provide VSLLC the required points and guest certificates for the reservations.


How & When Payments to Owners Are Made

Payments are sent to the Owner via check once the reservation is completed. All payments are made twice per month, usually on the 1st and 16th. Holidays, weekends or heavy volume could delay processing until the next business day. Following this procedure eliminates the need for VSLLC to charge back an Owner if a rental guest cancels their reservation & the points are put back in your account. You will always be paid on points used from your account. Your points will be protected at all times.

There may be an accelerated amount of activity along with emails from Wyndham that will occur as we manage your account. Some Owner’s do not want to receive the extra emails from Wyndham. Other Owners wish to receive these emails and we can keep the Owner email notifications coming from Wyndham.

Do you wish to receive all emails from Wyndham pertaining to your account?


It is imperative VSLLC has an email address on your account at all times, or we cannot manage your account. When calling Wyndham, and they verify your email address, please do not change our email address. Owner agrees not to change or cancel any reservation made by VSLLC within the scope of this agreement. As reservations may not be able to be replaced due to inventory availability, the owner is responsible for any financial loss or damages to VSLLC for any VSLLC reservation that is modified or canceled without the express permission of VSLLC. This agreement will automatically continue on an annual use year basis with the same terms as stated herein, unless the owner cancels in writing, email, or fax.

Addendum and Special Considerations


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

The owner can cancel this agreement at any time, for any reason. We simply ask that reservations already made be honored for the protection and satisfaction of the guests. If this is agreeable to you, please sign below and provide your username and password to your online Wyndham account. Once received, we will follow up with confirmation that your account is processed for rental.


Owner's Legal Name

Phone Number

Owner's Email

Wyndham Username

Wyndham Password

Make Checks Payable to

Address to Mail Checks


1420 Celebration Blvd., Celebration Fl, 34747

Email [email protected] - Phone: 888 832 4223

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