Vacation Strategy Owner Agreement CS-2

Vacation Strategy LLC


This agreement made  between Vacation Strategy, LLC. Hereafter referred to as “VSLLC” and owner noted below, hereafter referred to as “owner”. Whereas owner has excess points and VSLLC has rental clients, the two parties enter into an agreement as described in detail below. Owner agrees to provide and VSLLC agrees to rent up to the number of points indicated below for owner per use year at the agreed-upon price per thousand noted below.


  Owner's Full Name

Current Use Year Points

Next Use Year Points

Bonus Points to Use

Agreed Upon Price p/thousand

Use Year Start Date


Duties & Responsibilities

VSLLC will handle all details involved with the rentals, including but not limited to, advertising, receiving incoming calls and emails, checking availability, pricing, reservations, deposits, cancellations and re-bookings, billings, refunds, etc. Owner is not required to perform any of these duties. Owner will simply provide VSLLC the required points and guest certificates for the reservations.


How & When Payments to Owners Are Made

Payments are sent to the Owner via check once the reservation is completed. All payments are made twice per month, usually on the 1st and 16th. Holidays, weekends or heavy volume could delay processing until the next business day. Following this procedure eliminates the need for VSLLC to charge back an Owner if a rental guest cancels their reservation & the points are put back in your account. You will always be paid on points used from your account. Your points will be protected at all times.

There may be an accelerated amount of activity along with emails from Wyndham that will occur as we manage your account. Some Owner’s do not want to receive the extra emails from Wyndham. Other Owners wish to receive these emails and we can keep the Owner email notifications coming from Wyndham.

Do you wish to receive all emails from Wyndham pertaining to your account?


It is imperative VSLLC has an email address on your account at all times, or we cannot manage your account. When calling Wyndham, and they verify your email address, please do not change our email address. Owner agrees not to change or cancel any reservation made by VSLLC within the scope of this agreement. As reservations may not be able to be replaced due to inventory availability, the owner is responsible for any financial loss or damages to VSLLC for any VSLLC reservation that is modified or canceled without the express permission of VSLLC. This agreement will automatically continue on an annual use year basis with the same terms as stated herein, unless the owner cancels in writing, email, or fax.

Addendum and Special Considerations


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

The owner can cancel this agreement at any time, for any reason. We simply ask that reservations already made be honored for the protection and satisfaction of the guests. If this is agreeable to you, please sign below and provide your username and password to your online Wyndham account. Once received, we will follow up with confirmation that your account is processed for rental.


Owner's Legal Name

Phone Number

Owner's Email

Wyndham Username

Wyndham Password

Make Checks Payable to

Address to Mail Checks


1420 Celebration Blvd., Celebration Fl, 34747

Email [email protected] - Phone: 888 832 4223

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