Urban Collection

Everyone loves a trip to a major city in the United States, especially when you get to stay in a beautiful resort that captures the life of the area to perfection. There is no shortage of fun activities to do and places to see while vacationing in the US, but the major hassle that tourists and vacationers tend to face is how to find an amazing but affordable accommodation in the heart of the city. Finding a great place to stay in the major cities is not easy, as most accommodations are grossly overpriced and located away from the main part of the city.

At Vacation Strategy, we understand this recurrent problem, so we created a platform to make your travel planning a bit easier. We pride ourselves on offering the best deals on luxury multi-suites villa resort rentals in prime locations in every major city of the country. Ranging from New York to New Orleans, Chicago to Las Vegas, our breath-taking urban vacation rentals are available at a very affordable price range, and there is something for every budget. Book your urban vacation rental in any major US city today.



To see for yourself, you can easily request for a quote for any of the available Hilton, Sheraton, Disney, Holiday Inn Club, and Wyndham timeshare rental locations and discover the amazing value our resorts offer at a very low cost. If you are constantly paying huge mark-ups on other somewhat major travel sites, you should know that you are just paying for their spokespeople and television commercials. We at Vacation Strategy are owners who have already paid the required fortune to claim ownership of all the locations we offer on our site, and this gives us the ability to transfer our owner discounts to you, our dear customers.

If you are looking to explore the major cities in the country, then you are in the right place. All timeshare resorts in US cities available on our site are luxurious and sophisticated and are located right in the heart of your chosen city to ensure you get the full experience throughout your stay. We also have resorts that offer more serene and natural ambience for clients who want a more laid back, quiet vacation. Check out our different locations and simply request a quote on any urban vacation timeshare rental you like, and you will receive an immediate response. Love traveling? Let us help you visit more places without breaking the bank!

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”