Finding the best family resort in USA is not a piece of cake. You have to do extensive research on the internet and in your social circle to find a resort that is one of the best and matches your expectation and requirements. As a guest or a visitor, everyone has unique reasons to choose a resort for themselves. Some emphasize the location, while some on the luxury, prices, amenities, or the behavior of staff, etc. If you are one who is always fascinated by resort amenities, this article will help you identify 10 amazing resort amenities for you to decide whether the resort is the best family resort for you or not.
Amenities play an important role to enhance the visitors’ experience. The efforts by the resort management to ensure that the visitors have a comfortable and fulfilling stay help in achieving customer delight and improve the customer return rate. Some basic amenities that nowadays are very common and are found at almost every resort are free personal care products, laundry services, Tv screens in the room, coffee/tea maker, mini fridge, free parking service, etc. Some resorts go the extra mile and provide free meals, internet services, fitness centers, business centers, conference halls, and spa services as well. All the amenities mentioned above are common nowadays and are expected by visitors. Most of the time they go unnoticed.

But there are some amazing amenities that only a few resorts offer to their visitors and they never go unnoticed. let’s check out what those amenities are so that you can check those before booking a resort for your next vacation.

Personalized Welcome Gifts

Welcome drinks are very common while checking in but some resorts take a step further to please their clients with personalized welcome gifts. As they offer personalized gifts, they vary according to the type of group, for example; If a family checks in with kids may get toys and snacks for them, and a group of bachelors may get some important party goodies, traveling with pets? you may get something useful and fun for your pet. The experience gets even more enhanced when the gifts are kept in the room with a warming note as a surprise.

Monogrammed Linens

Yes, some resorts go that far to make their clients feel Royal. Getting monogrammed Linens is really a heartwarming and personalized experience for visitors. What could be better than finding monogrammed linens on your bed as you enter the room after check-in? It also resolves one of the biggest concerns that many visitors have that whether the sheets are changed before the last checkout or not. The interesting part is some resort pack the Monogrammed linens after the checkout and gift you as a memory from the trip. While some keep it safe to use for your next visit to the resort.

In-Room Beer Tap

While some resorts offer a huge variety of beers and cocktails in the mini-fridge for their clients, some have taken it to the next level by offering In-Room Beer Tap. That’s such a unique and creative amenity that some resorts have started offering it to their clients.

Shower Fridge

Sounds strange but very useful. The fridge in the shower is one of the coolest amenities for a satisfying shower with a variety of your favorite cocktails to enjoy in your bathtub. The amenity adds great value for an ultimate relaxing and soothing bathing experience.

Relaxation Devices

Some resorts recognize that after a tiring journey the clients need to relax their bodies to enjoy vacation week. They offer several relaxation devices, let it be a massage chair for complete body massage, a foot massager, and other relaxation devices.

Personalized plant setups

Want the same kind of plants in your room that you have in your own house? Well, It is possible at some resorts. On your request, the resort will keep the plants of your own choice in the room. All you have to do is inform them of your choice. Subject to availability the staff keeps the plants of your own choice.

Coworking spaces

Specifically for a team of business travelers, several resorts offer coworking spaces with the necessary facilities generally available at offices like workstations, computer devices, and an internet connection. If you are vacationing with your business team, coworking space enables you to perform some productive business work.