Las Vegas, also known as Sin City is widely popular for its nightlife and indoor fun. The perception that is found in the general public about the city is that it is an adult playground filled with glamor, gambling, alcohol, and adult fun. If you do a little research you will find out that this is just one side of the city and Las Vegas has a lot more to offer to its visitors other than glamourous nightlife. If you are interested in planning a family vacation, Las Vegas can be your next destination as well for many reasons. It offers you a wide range of hotels, food, and live shows. Here, You will also find some of the Best Family Resorts in the USA.

Speaking of the Best Family Resort in the USA, Club Wyndham Grand Desert in Las Vegas is one of those resorts that provide the ultimate vacation experience, especially for families who want an escape from the hustle of sin city. Here is a list of activities for your 4-night stay at the resort.

Indoor Fun activities at Club Wyndham Grand Desert

Grand Desert Kids Play Area

Grand Desert is a kids-friendly resort with a bunch of exciting family fun activities. The arrangements of the activity center on the 3rd floor of the resort are widely appreciated by family visitors with kids. The activity center at the resort has been designed exclusively to make it an engaging place for the kids. The activity center has various indoor games like chess, pool tables, air hockey, and many more. You will also find a game room that has several Xbox 360s if the kids want to play video games. Want to have some live family entertainment? you can watch your favorite movies with their free DVD rental services. Kids’ favorite snacks are also served at the most reasonable prices. The resort also has an indoor bar exclusive for Adults to hang out and enjoy a couple of drinks.


Outdoor activities at Club Wyndham Grand Desert

Outdoor ctivity Grand Desert

Outdoor activities at Club Wyndham Grand Desert are much more exciting than indoor activities. You have a huge list of outdoor activities that you can enjoy solo or with your family (and kids). If you are a nature enthusiast, you will find many interesting outdoor activities at the resort such as; snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing. For sports lovers, the resort has a massive tennis court and golf ground for active sporty days. Horseback riding is one of the very interesting outdoor activities that visitors enjoy very much. The outdoor activities do not stop here as the resort has a wide range of adventures at the shore as well like; jet skiing, fishing, water-skiing, boating, etc.


Other Interesting amenities at the Resort

Other Interesting amenities at the Resort

The resort has three different kinds of pools including an outdoor hot tub and pool along with a dedicated children’s pool. For an ultimate spa and self-care experience, visitors can have access to multiple services such as massage service, fitness center, sunbathing area, sauna, heated swimming pools, tanning beds, gym, etc. To ensure that visitors can keep a check on their businesses while they enjoy their vacations, there is a well-maintained professional conference room and business center with internet Wi-Fi access. You will feel like sitting in your own office and managing your teams.

Overall, the Grand Desert is an ultimate family vacation destination on a very reasonable budget. The match of such exciting indoor and outdoor activities and amenities is really great and hard to find at any other resort. Unlike the sensations of the town that are very loud and chaotic. Here, you will find a very peaceful and quiet environment in your surroundings helping you to stay calm and relaxed throughout your vacation, and if you feel like enjoying the nightlife of the city for some time the resort is just a few miles away and provides transportation services as well.